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The Question:”Will you love me?”

As my staff member Bobbie and I returned from our teaching trip to Guatemala there are many questions that beg to be answered. As I have had some time to process our time in Monjas, Jalapa at a girls home called “Shadow of His Wings,” I continue to hear some questions inside of me. I hear the questions from those whose thinking is more from a “world view”: “How many people took you seriously? How much did you accomplish? Can you show some results?” I could say that many people seemed to take us seriously. The staff, the house parents, the girls themselves. We worked hard and accomplished a great deal. The participants told us they are already using the [ Continue Reading… ]


Let’s face it, the world can be a fracturing place. Each of us is touched to some degree by the evil on this planet. Yet within each one of us is a God-given drive to withstand the assaults of the world, others, and even ourselves. We are wired by our Creator to become the persons we were intended to be. We are created with minds that automatically seek to be…

Press The Panic Button

Recently, I surpassed my own expectations of how “out of it” I can get sometimes. I hope SOMEONE will please tell me they can relate I had spent far too long at my local shopping center and was rolling my cart to my van to load up and go home. I was quite pleased with myself because when I arrived, I had taken care to look at the exact number of the parking aisle in the large lot I had parked. As well, I had mentally pegged a landmark across the parking lot just to assure a speedy recovery of my vehicle when finished shopping. Aisle #9, across from the card shop. However….experience wrecks a good theory. Tired and “done”with [ Continue Reading… ]

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