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Momentum- "Stuck"

This past week, Darla received an awesome opportunity to speak at the ‘Grace Brethren National Youth Conference’, which is now referred to as “Momentum.” This conference happens once a year for the Grace Brethren denomations high school youth groups to gather under one roof, at one 4 day conference, to praise God! There were about 2,000 youth that attended, plus their youth leaders and volunteers. Darla was asked to be a power track speaker, which was a time for the high schoolers to break away from the main sessions at the conference, and break off into smaller, 1 hour sessions, with various speakers of their choice. Darla did a 3 day power track on the more simplified version of, “Returning [ Continue Reading… ]

The Lovelady Center

The Lovelady Center is a center for women who are rehabilitating, who have just been released from prison, women who are homeless, and various other stories. This facility was one that was filled with warmth and love, and seems like the perfect place for women to get back on their feet, and put their broken lives back together again. Women come here for 6 to 12 months, with the idea in mind that they will be back into the real world after this time, and be functioning properly. When we arrived on the first night, we were greeted at the airport by Michelle Gewin, and her wonderful husband Jim. They were so warm, and so excited to show us the [ Continue Reading… ]

One Arm Tied Behind Your Back (March 2011 Guatemala Ministry Recap)

Have you ever heard the title statement before? It seems as if I’m working with “one arm tied behind my back?” Well, it has never come as alive for me as it did when we were traveling in Guatemala on our most recent trip. It was a different kind of trip for us. Usually we go to Guatemala to present a conference. We fly in, we are driven to the location site, we speak, we minister, and we are taken back to our lodging place each day. We fly home. Actually pretty tidy. It’s not a bad thing. We meet a number of people and we do our best to teach what we believe Christ would have us teach. After [ Continue Reading… ]

Freedom Attracts

  It was a small gathering at the Sunday evening vesper service on Easter with the ages of people ranging from mid-60’s to 91 years old. I had been asked to come and serve them in a small way. It was time to sing. A woman in her 60’s went to the little organ packed into the corner of the small room where the residents sat around tables. She cheerfully told them to take the hymnals and call out some favorites to sing. “He Lives, Christ the Lord is Risen Today, Because He Lives…” were just a few. They sang. Mostly off- key. But it was one of the most beautiful sounds I have heard in a long while. A [ Continue Reading… ]

Take a Walk

  To finalize the series on the covenant, let’s read about the last and final step that we will be talking about. Step five in the ceremony was actually called “The walk of death.” Its purpose was to walk through the blood of the animals mentioned in earlier steps. Its symbol was the loss of individual identity-effectively, the surrendering of one’s life. This of course has its counterpart in Jesus Christ in the New Testament as He made his walk of death to the cross where He died for our sins. Jesus became a human being. He could have remained a heavenly being but chose not to keep that identity. “Because Christ could not make full atonement for sin without [ Continue Reading… ]

You are the Gift

Anyone out there thinking about your gift giving for Christmas yet? Even before Thanksgiving we are deluged in most public places with a Christmas theme. Do you have anyone on your list that is especially difficult to buy for? What makes it difficult? Usually it is because that person doesn’t really need anything. If a “King” were on your Christmas list, what would you give him? I mean, talk about the man who has EVERYTHING! The conversation might go something like this: “Ummm-I really don’t have anything to give you again this year.” You say. “I know, I have everything and you have nothing. “The king answers. “What am I going to give you then?” You reply. The one thing [ Continue Reading… ]

Do You Believe God?

In your heart of hearts – the part that only you and God can see into – do you truly believe Him? I’ve been considering this very question all week. I can read through my old journals and see how and where God moved in a big way. Others have shared how God did miraculous things in their lives. Sooner or later some of us get to a place where we seem to “forget” what God has done and can do. The Bible is full of stories that show us that God still is there for us – even when we forget. In 1st Kings 18 and 19 Elijah, acting fearlessly, called out and confronted King Ahab. He told him [ Continue Reading… ]

October Newsletter

Download This Month’s Newsletter First Issue LifeTouch October Newsletter– LifeTouch At-A-Glance: “When I don’t have time to read the whole website but want to know briefly what’s happening and take home a nugget for myself.” Find out: Where LT has been….pg 1 Where LT is going What LT is working on What others have to say about LT Something to Consider: “Trauma….Who Me?”…pg 2 How can I help?…pg 3 Download This Month’s Newsletter

LifeTouch Partners with Campus Crusade for Christ International

Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCI) and LifeTouch Ministries, Inc. (LTM) have partnered together with their respective resources to bring (1)Jesus’ message of mankind’s redemption to Himself from this fallen world and (2) wholeness for mankind’s fractured identity and his/her return to joy. Darla France, executive director of LTM recently traveled to Orlando to present her signature conference: When the Pain is Too Deep; Returning to Joy. South Orlando Baptist Church graciously hosted the first combined efforts of CCCI and LTM. They premiered the film: Magdalena, Through Her Eyes, a CCCI film created by the Jesus Film division and they hosted the LTM conference—used as a follow-up to the film. CCCI , Jesus Film Division, had the foresight to realize [ Continue Reading… ]

Done and Done

In our last blog about the covenant, we looked at the exchange of robes and belts to signify the God of the universe exchanging identity and strength with us. I suppose that if that were the end of the rites in the process it would be enough. However, there is so much more than the two steps we have covered. The third step in the covenant making ceremony is the exchange of weapons. That represents the exchange of enemies. Now maybe you are thinking you don’t have any MAJOR enemies. Not the people who irritate or bug us. Not the spouses who may have walked away. Not the kids who may be rebellious. Not the bosses who may have mistreated [ Continue Reading… ]

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