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Bwana Asa Fi We

In English the title means “Praise the Lord.” Those were some of the first words we learned in Swahili on our mission trip to Tanzania. I wish that all of you reading this summary could have gone with us to see, smell, taste, touch, and hear all of the experiences the Lord brought to us on our conference tour. Our first conference was in a little village called USA (that’s right) near the city of Arusha, Tanzenia where we were staying. Wooden benches and a small cement building housed about 25 women and many children who came to see the Magdalena film and listen to our words about returning to joy even when hard things happen to us. On the [ Continue Reading… ]

Hearing Salima

The population of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania is 98% Muslim and yet we were called upon to give our signature conference, “Returning to Joy, When the Pain is Too Deep.” Standing room only was the scene I saw before me as I taught on the last day of the conference. During one of the “practice sessions” where people divide into groups, one of the men came to me and spoke through our interpreter. He said that there was a little Muslim girl who was 8 years old who had been standing secretly at the doorway of the conference during the week. Her mother and older sister wanted to know if they could bring her in for prayer after everyone was [ Continue Reading… ]

A View From Above

On a cloudy and windy Sunday afternoon, I was treated to a fun outing with my son. He recently secured his pilot’s license, so off we went into the wild blue yonder. Our plan was to fly from Warsaw to Nappanee, so I could climb out, slowly at best, and let my dad take a ride with our new pilot. This was a new experience for me, so I wasn’t sure if I would be nervous or not. As it turned out, I did not have one nervous moment. I guess I have no problem with putting my life into my son’s hands-complete trust! He did a great job even though the wind gusts presented some challenges for our landings. [ Continue Reading… ]

‘Speedy’ Delivery.

So, people tell me that I have a “led” foot. I guess I’d have to agree with them, and I can say with honesty that I can’t deny ever getting a speeding ticket before. As the years have passed, so has my tendency to speed. But I’m not a slow driver by all means. Until, a cop is behind me that is. You know that feeling when your driving, and a cop pulls behind you? Your heart sinks. Even if you weren’t necessarily speeding. There is that initial fear of “what did I do,” or “ I have to drive the exact speed limit now.” But shouldn’t we be doing that at all times? Just because a cop is behind [ Continue Reading… ]


Here at LifeTouch, if you have ever talked with any one of our staff for more than five minutes, the theme of our conversation with you will probably have something to do with finding joy, or being joyful. This is the crutch with which we lean on, and at the core of our ministry you will find joy. We believe that joy and happiness are two different things. Joy comes from the deep, personal belonging that you receive when Jesus is your Savior. Happiness can be a result earthly things, but doesn’t usually come from deep within. I learned from a sermon I heard awhile ago that in Psalm 92 it says that “the righteous will flourish like a palm [ Continue Reading… ]

From High to High…

Did you ever get to experience the exciting days of your youth at summer camp? Bonfires, Bible stories, singing the same songs all week, meeting other kids your age from other churches, sleeping in cabins (or not sleeping), and eating awesome cafeteria food? Do you remember the amazing “high” you felt spiritually when you were there, and when you left there for the next few weeks? As young people, that high probably wore off after a while, and life returned to normal shortly after that. You experienced being on the mountain top with God, and then leveling back out to reality. Well I know that is what I experienced. It seemed as if, even though I was very young, I [ Continue Reading… ]


Have you ever waited for something that you wanted so bad that it practically hurt inside. Almost as if you could burst if you waited just one more second? I know I have! The feeling of anticipation sometimes feels torturous. As humans, we usually lack patience, and in this day and age, we expect things to happen right now. Well as the Lord has been laying on my heart lately, and through a sermon I heard on Sunday, sometimes waiting on the Lord, and having faith is the only option. Take King David, for example, from the Bible. As a very young teenage boy, he was selected to be the next king. But that didn’t come into fruition until about [ Continue Reading… ]

Attitude of Doing or Being

In the past few weeks, throughout the Bible verses I have been studying, through my small group, and through the sermon I heard on Sunday, the same echoing theme seems to be permeating through peers and mentors: “Are you doing things for God out of habit, or out of affection for Him?” It’s interesting, isn’t it, how when there is something that needs to change in your life, how the Holy Spirit will gently put his finger on the issue, and use people and specific verses to show you what that area is. If we are honest with ourselves, sometimes Christianity can feel tedious at times, especially if we are feeling disconnected, or distant from God. Our actions can easily [ Continue Reading… ]

One of Those Moments

I’ve been a Christian since I was 5 years old. I grew up in a loving, caring, Christian household, and have been to Sunday schools since I was 1 month old. I would say that I am fairly familiar with the Bible, and have been taught many versus. Especially when you’re younger, you memorize familiar passages and spit them back out to your Sunday school teacher, in hopes for a piece of candy or a reward. But as you grow, so does your faith, and your knowledge of the scriptures. Sometimes those familiar passages lose their power, because you have known them for so long. This happened to me the other day. I was reading through Hebrews chapter 11, and [ Continue Reading… ]

One Arm Tied Behind Your Back

Have you ever heard the title statement before? It seems as if I’m working with “one arm tied behind my back?” Well, it has never come as alive for me as it did when we were traveling in Guatemala on our most recent trip. It was a different kind of trip for us. Usually we go to Guatemala to present a conference. We fly in, we are driven to the location site, we speak, we minister, and we are taken back to our lodging place each day. We fly home. Actually pretty tidy. It’s not a bad thing. We meet a number of people and we do our best to teach what we believe Christ would have us teach. After [ Continue Reading… ]

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