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‘Tis The Season

Oh yes!  Christmas is upon us once again.  The hustle and bustle of it all is very stressful, and magical all at the same time. Shopping, preparing food, watching movies, spending time with family and friends, and cookie baking are all in full swing! It truly is one of the most wonderful times of the year. And why we celebrate Christmas is also celebrated for most of us too.  The birth of Jesus Christ. But here’s the thing.  The sweetness about Christ’s birth is even more sweet when you think about what things would be like without a Savior. The reason why celebrating our Redeemer’s birth brings us great joy is not only because we love Him, but because we [ Continue Reading… ]

Instant Message From God

I was just recently reading through a devotional book of mine, and the chapter was all about text messaging, and instant messaging. The author talks about how these days, everything has an abbreviation it seems! Especially on the internet or through text messages. For example, one of her friends wrote in an instant message “OTOH.” She then stopped the conversation to ask what that meant, and it means “on the other hand.” There are many more examples of common words and phrases that we make short and sweet to save typing and time. Sometimes life feels like a big puzzle piece, and we are left deciphering and UN-mixing it all. But God does not talk in abbreviations to us. He [ Continue Reading… ]

Through a Child’s Eyes

It’s amazing to me how innocent children are sometimes. I work as an assistant preschool teacher, and it absolutely amazes me how perceptive and brilliant little children were created. Throughout my day it is easy to get frustrated with them sometimes, but what is also amazing is how resilient they are. I think that Christ had a soft spot for children. I always have enjoyed seeing the paintings and pictures of Him with his arms spread out wide, and children just running into them. Children gave Christ life, and he related children to how adults should act in their faith sometimes. He did this for a reason: Because children love with a reckless abandonment. They don’t know fear like we [ Continue Reading… ]

I’m Not a Fan Of Jesus.

That’s right. You don’t need to rub your eyes to make sure you read the title correctly. I am not a fan of Jesus. But it’s not in the way that you think. Lately, my small group and I have been reading the book called “Not a Fan” by Kyle Idleman. It’s a fantastic book that I would recommend to anyone, but it talks about what it looks like to either be a fan or a follower of Jesus. Because they are two different things. Unfortunately, many churches, and America as a whole has made following Jesus sound easy, and as if it doesn’t really take much commitment at all. But that is simply not true. If you actually look [ Continue Reading… ]

There’s Beauty in Being Small

I just recently had the most amazing opportunity to accompany my best friend to Soldotna, Alaska, where she grew up and spent her childhood and teen years. Apart from Alaska simply being beautiful, the people in Soldotna were so warm and friendly, and I felt like I was a part of their families by the time I left. It was an awesome ten days. While there, we were able to partake in a “Fjords” tour; a tour boat that took us out on the waters for six hours to enjoy the beauty, and see all sorts of wildlife such as whales, puffins, sea lions, mountain goats, dolphins and sea otters. It was amazing to see those creatures, but the most [ Continue Reading… ]


Last night, during my weekly Bible study with some close friends, we talked about faith. Faith is such a simple word, with such a deep meaning. But it’s the foundation of our belief as Christians. We believe by faith, not by sight, and not through good works. I began to think about how to deepen my faith with the Lord, and what that means. As Americans, and as humans, we live in such a fast paced world. We expect results instantaneously in almost every area of our life. Seriously, think about it! We have food that is ready in minutes, weight loss programs that promise results in weeks, airplanes, fast cars, cell phones, email, printers… The list can go on. [ Continue Reading… ]

Conference Updates…

STUCK, 2012- This conference went so smoothly! We had many helpers, and felt like the feedback we received from conference attendees was great. The Lord was definitely present during this time of ministry, and there was just a sense of peace in the room. We believe that through Darla’s words, people have found healing, or are spurred on to continue to find healing. We all gleaned so much from this conference, and are excited about doing it again next year! We were also so blessed to be able to use the facilities at Warsaw Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Everyone was so helpful there, and we really felt appreciative. Brethren Women’s Retreat- Darla was invited to speak at the Brethren Women’s Retreat [ Continue Reading… ]

Guatemala-February 2012

Our first stop in Guatemala, was the beautiful “Oasis” in San Lucas, Guatemla. San Lucas is a small town, about 45 minutes from Guatemala City. It was established many years ago, but about 4 years ago, a man named Corbey Dukes, and his wife Janie were asked to be the head staff there. The Oasis has many little homes, and in each home lives 2 house ‘tias’ or aunts, and up to 10 girls, ages 4-18. The little girls, and young women who have been sent there were court ordered to be removed from their family situations because of abuse. The staff here are amazing, because they possess more patience than most, and they also experience all forms of exhaustion. [ Continue Reading… ]

An Astronomical Grace

So, in the beginning, God spoke, and creation came into existence. Most of us know this foundational truth. God spoke and there was water and air, daytime and night time. God just opened his mouth, and things just came to be. Did you know that light moves at a velocity of about 300,000 kilometers each second, so in one year, it travels about 9,500,000,000,000 kilometers. Did you also know that there is a new star created every second. The sun is approximately 93,026,734 miles away from earth, and burns at the core at a temperature of 22.5 million degrees Fahrenheit. Our universe was not an accident. The point of all of this is that we are really, really small. In [ Continue Reading… ]

You Have 1 New Message!

Let’s be real here. We are in a culture where text messages, emails, Facebook, and twitter are emerging now more than ever! I remember when cell phones in and of themselves were obsolete, and now everyone has them. So much so, that they have generally replaced land lines. This also means that to communicate with people, it is getting easier and easier to just “log in” to our Facebook accounts and type to someone, or just shoot someone a text or email really quickly. Although these forms of communicating are not bad in and of themselves, it is starting to replace some very important things: Conversations, how they were meant to be, and the Word of God. I admit first [ Continue Reading… ]

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